Government Type: Military Junta
Dominant Races: Humans and Goatfolk
Town type: Large Fortification
Population: 7000
GP Limit: 2950
Wealth: 754020
Full Time Guards: 500
Conscriptable: 2750

Food/Water: Rainfall is a major source for clean water, and there is no lacking of it since it rains nearly year-round, and is supplemented by the many natural springs that reside within the Barrier Peaks. The diet of Bleakwall consists of mainly fish and salted beef, with fish being imported from Westwater and beef imported from the ranching town of Garvis.

Shopping: Goods to be found in the Bleakwall markets generally consist of military equipment and supplies, with little to no luxury goods available.

Climate: Conflicted; cold gales from The Bleak battle with the warm breezes from the Gulf of Songs for dominance. Rain and hail are common, and the occasional tornado is also a concern, but the most dangerous precipitation is the Bleakdust that will shower down upon Bleakwall from time to time.

Culture: A majority of the city-state’s males are enlisted in the town guard, those too young or old to enlist find themselves as leatherworkers, blacksmiths, or other military-related production trades. Women provide food for the troops and take care of the house, and most take up sewing to provide clothing for the soldiers.

Temperament: Hardened and battered from the gusting winds and indecisive temperatures, as well as the constant threat of attack from the denizens of The Bleak, have left the citizens of Bleakwall stern and unforgiving, with little social interaction outside of taverns. However, strangers and travelers bring the comforting fact that they are not alone in this fight.

Subordinate Towns


After The Great Breach, it was determined by the Penta-Council that a border fort was needed to hold back the hostile denizens spilling forth from The Bleak. A combined force of footmen and arcane swordsmen from The Gestalt Hammerhorns and The Pyrewing Monarchy pushed back the invasion and founded Bleakwall, which was granted independence as a city-state several years after it’s founding, as well as the rest of The Sunset Prairie City-States.


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